Is bitcoin more than a cryptocurrency?

Where can I go to learn EVERYTHING about bitcoin? I want to learn more about bitcoins full potential and not just the money aspect of it.

  • Andreas Antonopolous wrote a book called “Mastering Bitcoin”. It’s a great read for anyone who wants to know pretty much everything about Bitcoin and bitcoin.
  • The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast has interviews with CEOs from across the cryptocurrency space so you can learn about all the cool stuff they are working on at their companies.

  • Bitcoin (with a capital B) is a distributed consensus system and payment rail. “Little b” bitcoin (BTC) is the mutual token of exchange for people who are using Bitcoin for payment and remittances.
  • BTC is also the entry token to the distributed consensus system. For an example of an application of Bitcoin that uses Bitcoin as a distributed consensus system, check out Counterparty. In short, it uses Bitcoin like people play arcade games: insert token (BTC), but instead of playing a video game, do a stock trade, or bet on sports. Etc. It’s pretty much like a distributed E-trade brokerage built on Bitcoin, or InTrade that is censorship resistant.
  • You might also learn something at

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