How to mine bitcoins on your smartphone?

Yes, it’s now possible to earn bitcoins with your Android smartphone. Not directly, but it works. Here are simple steps how to turn any Android device into a bitcoin making machine:

  1. Download and install the MangoCoinz app:

  2. Start the MangoCoinz app and register your new account. Now you are ready to mine MangoCoinz.
  3. Mine MangoCoinz by moving your smartphone up, down and all around. Coins are generating only when the device is moving.
  4. Now you have some MangoCoinz mined and ready to be converted to bitcoins, sign up on UseCryptos exchange.
  5. Send your MangoCoinz to your UseCryptos account and exchange them for bitcoins.
  6. Enjoy your BTC :)

More information:

Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining Rig Rentals

If you don’t own your own ASIC hardware you can simply rent mining rigs online to mine Bitcoin and different altcoins. Easy and simple, make your mining rig rental choices based on “actual” hash rate. This system tracks the past 24 hour hash rate of all mining rigs. Hashrates are displayed in a convenient graph.

Rent mining hardware online:

  • Scrypt: over 90 rigs available to rent (1,55 GH/s)
  • SHA-256: over 40 rigs available to rent (15,4 TH/s)
  • Scrypt n-Factor: over 10 rigs available to rent (24,4 MH/s)
  • X-11: over 52 rigs available to rent (615 MH/s)
  • X-13: over 12 rigs available to rent (274 MH/s)

How it works? provides a unique marketplace for renters and rig owners. They facilitate a safe transaction similar to an escrow service. Choose the algorithm of the coin you wish to mine and filter the results. Now you can review mining rigs that are listed for rental. The website provides renters with tools such as our average hashrate graph and an elaborate rating system.

Once you’ve selected the rig you wish to rent, you can follow the onscreen instructions to make the exact payment. Once there is confirmation, the mining rig will automatically switch to the pool of your choice.

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Receive Bitcoins, Litecoins and Feathercoins daily

Get started with Bitcoin

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Earn bitcoins for microtasks

Earn small amounts of BTC for doing simple microtasks and watching videos.

BitcoinGet – earn bitcoins daily

After submitting your Bitcoin address, you will have access to a variety of offers. Click on the offer that you want to complete and follow the instructions. For video offers, you must watch the entire video before entering a verification code (CAPTCHA). Once you have completed an offer, your bitcoins will be credited immediately. You can view your balance anytime by clicking/tapping on the icon in the top right corner of the page.

Payouts: Once your pending balance reaches at least 100 µBTC, you should expect to see payment within 24 hours.

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