How To Receive Free Bitcoins?

Here is a list of online services offering totally free bitcoins. In most cases you only need to enter your bitcoin wallet address. Of course you won’t get big amounts of BTC, but use theses services every day to earn more and more bitcoins.

Daily Bitcoins

Absolutely free Bitcoins every day. How much can I get? You can receive the amount that appears on the main page. There is always a small amount of Bitcoins available (booby prize), but during the day at random times we give away much more valuable prizes. See Stats section for information about prizes that will soon become available. To participate in this free lottery you need a Bitcoin wallet. You can get it for free by downloading and installing open source Bitcoin software from the official website. No registration is required. Run the client and copy/paste your payment address to get a prize.

Bitcoin Pyramid

Anybody can become a member for free by providing his/her permanent withdrawal address and captcha. Each member receives a referral link to attract newcomers. Each member receives a permanent address to deposit funds. Bitcoin distribution: Each member receives up to 50% of his/her referral’s income (but not more than s/he deposited + 0.01 btc at a time) and pays about 50% of his/her income to his/her sponsor and possibly random member(s).


You can get free bitcoins everyday. It works like a bitcoin faucet open to anyone who wants more BTC. Every 1000 request is paid 5000 times the standard payout. Good Luck! and remember you can make a request once every hour! Payouts are done in bulk to save on fees, you might not get your bitcoins immediately. But rest assured, you will get them within an hour or two!

Bitcoin Matrix

Bitcoin Matrix is a referral system inspired by a famous Bitcoin Randomizer. BTC Matrix allows you to earn payments for each user your refer and receive random payouts when new members join the system. If your are signing up without referral code random user will be chosen among activated members and assigned to your account as a first level sponsor. Get your banners up and running on a high-traffic website for just 1 BTC per 90 days. PLUS… turn your investment into over 10 BTC and more by taking part in our generous rewards program!

Bit Visitor

Earn bitcoins for visiting advertisers’ websites. Just stay on a site for five minutes and your free bitcoins are on the way to your digital pocket. You can also advertise a bitcoin-related website to receive bitcoin-targeted traffic.



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