Countries where you can survive using Bitcoin

Is it possible to live using only bitcoin instead of fiat money? Here is a map of countries where you can survive on bitcoin in 2017.

countries using bitcoin

The good thing about Bitcoin cards is that they allow you to live without owning a single cent of fiat money. Yes, when you purchase something, your coins are converted into fiat. But you personally don’t own any dollars at all.

What is missing on the map? Definitely Australia. There are plenty of shops accepting bitcoin and there are debit card services/ATMs. You can do it in Japan as well! On the other hand, Bitcoin’s actually illegal in Ecuador.

Very much so possible in Mexico, Canada and Australia. Not easy, but possible. One of the most convenient bitcoin countries is Kenya, because it is very easy to fill up your M-PESA mobile account from bitcoins.

Pay taxes with BTC:
Buy groceries with BTC:
Pay bills with BTC:

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