Bitcoin Dice Game

Royal Bitcoin is a simple game of chance. Each time you send a bet to one of the game’s betting addresses, a random number is selected ranging from 0 to 16,777,215. If the number selected is greater than the threshold number required for the game you’re betting on, you win. Games with a lower probability […]

Pyraminig – shared bitcoin mining

Pyramining is a shared bitcoin mining system. You can borrow hashing power at very competitive rates. You will profit from the Bitcoin mining activity without having to buy, set up and maintain your equipment. All you have to do is to find a sponsor, join and deposit some Bitcoins to start. Once your account is […]

Bitcoin Contest: 1.5 BTC Prize

I have found a very interesting bitcoin contest¬†with the Grandprize of 1.5BTC and 5 runner up prizes of .1BTC! It is very easy to enter – just leave your nickname/name and email address on the following contest page: Click here to enter BitCoin Contest with 1.5 BTC prize You can also refer your friends to […]