Bitcoin halving is coming on 9 July 2016

Bitcoin halving is coming, it will happen in less than 890 blocks from now (3 July 2016, 12:40 CET). The estimated date of next bitcoin halving event is Saturday, 9 July 2016 15:30 GMT.

After upcoming bitcoin halvening the reward will drop to 12,5 BTC per mined block, currently it is 25 BTC per block. So far over 15.7 million bitcoin have been mined.

Bitcoin inflation (annualized): 10min-blocks / 10-day average 8.35% / 8.54%

You can still mine bitcoin with current reward (25 BTC per block). If you want to mine bitcoins at home you do not need to buy expensive hardware, you can easily rent online bitcoin miners/hashpower.

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