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I think bitcoins are the future of world’s currency and economy. I believe that in ten or twenty years one bitcoin will be worth a lot of fiat money. That’s why I do everything I can to get free bitcoins every day. Here’s how I do it:

  • BitVisitor – earn bitcoins for visiting websites for 5 minutes each.
  • BTC Matrix – get free bitcoins for looking at ads, wait 5 mins to get even more BTC!
  • CoinChat – free bitcoins for chatting online
  • CoinVisitor – another site offering free bitcoins for viewing websites
  • Daily Bitcoins – a very simple and useful bitcoin faucet
  • El Bitcoin gratis – also a simple bitcoin faucet with daily payouts
  • Coin Ad – another ad-powered bitcoin faucet – daily bitcoin payouts
  • Bitcoin Tree – free bitcoins every day (current payout is 0.0001 BTC)
  • BitCrate – get free bitcoins every day by breaking a crate.
  • Coin Ticket – another chance to receive free bitcoins

And of course you can win additional BTC by taking a part in variuos bitcoin games:

  • Bitcoholic – buy a bitcoin drink – 20% profit, investment 0,01 BTC
  • Jalapeno – buy a virtual Jalapeno bitcoin miner – 10% profit, investment 0,05 BTC 

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  2. […] Free Bitcoins Every Day […]

  3. […] Free Bitcoins Every Day […]

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    bitcrate has closed

  5. […] Free Bitcoins Every Day […]

  6. […] Free Bitcoins Every Day […]

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  8. […] Free Bitcoins Every Day […]

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    Hi, Could you add please

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    Please donate to help a poor man with cancer.


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    I’m new to bit coin any donations i will be happy to accept



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    please give me some website . it get free bitcoins everyday. thanks a lot

    My Blog : Buxhost Daily

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    weekly drawing

    send .001 bitcoin per entry, next drawing will be Sept 14th. WINNER TAKE ALL


    spread this around for more people to enter

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    Actually, Bitcrate is back open – so you should edit it.

    But this is overall I pretty nice list of free BTC sites.

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    BitCoin Lottery Every Sunday! Send 1 bitcoin to enter and win the grand prize! Over 10.000 BTC in pool and still counting!


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    Please donate to us we have no food to feed our 5 kids. 1 of our boys is sick with leukemia and we went broke paying medical bills.

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    Im broke and I need this donation to keep being able to pay for my electricity and Internet for bitcoins!


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    How Does It Work?

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    Create an account with your email address and a user name. You’ll get 0.01 free bitcoins just for signing up and completing your first 2 min survey.

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    Heres for the lottery drawing : my wllet address :


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    I’m here for the lottery

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    Hi please anybody if you can donate 1 btc or mtbc that would be really great im just learning about bit coins and wanna play around with them. Thank you


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    place a random dontaion to this address, with a contactable reference.. for a random prize. weather it be, double your btc. a really cool website link.. a prize in the mail.. a joke.. anything!

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    Here list of free-bitcoin site: Checked and updated every day.

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    Hi guys, I need your help, in December, I’m going to be without Christmas, because I have nowhere to receive the money and I’m unemployed for 3 years, because it’s not easy. I have three daughters and I can not afford clothes and Christmas dinner. If you can heartily help me, I thank you and God give you twice as much.

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