Exploring the Future of Cryptocurrency Mining: How to Mine HOT Coin in Herewallet on the NEAR Protocol

One of the latest breakthroughs in this domain is the HOT coin, a foundational element of the NEAR ecosystem, particularly within the Telegram community. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to mine HOT coin in Herewallet on the NEAR protocol, a process that is streamlined, cost-effective, and accessible to all levels of users.

Introduction to HOT Coin – START MINING HERE

HOT coin stands out as a pivotal cryptocurrency within the NEAR protocol, offering functionalities akin to native Layer 1 (L1) blockchain tokens. The unique aspect of HOT lies in its meta-transaction capabilities, enabling users to perform real transactions on the blockchain, engage in gaming, and facilitate transfers seamlessly. Moreover, the future holds even greater potential for HOT, with the advent of Chain Abstraction in Q2 2024, which will allow HOT transactions across Ethereum and similar networks.

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Getting Started with Mining HOT

The journey to mine HOT begins with the simple act of creating a wallet on Herewallet and claiming your first free HOT. This initial step kick-starts the mining process, which continues until the Storage bar reaches its capacity.

Managing Storage for Mining

Mining HOT requires attention to your Storage capacity, which determines how long you can mine without interruption. Initially, you’re equipped with a Wooden Storage that supports 2 hours of mining. However, you can upgrade your Storage through six levels by investing HOT, extending your mining duration significantly. The levels range from Wooden Storage (2 hours) to Gold Storage (24 hours), with each upgrade enhancing your mining efficiency.

Boosting Mining Speed

An essential factor in mining HOT is the speed at which you mine. There are several strategies to increase your mining speed:

  • Fireplace Upgrades: Starting with a Wood Firespace, you can upgrade your Fireplace up to five levels, with each level increasing your HOT mining rate. Upgrades require HOT and can significantly enhance your mining speed.
  • Wood Multipliers: For active users, Woods serve as a multiplier to boost HOT mining. Completing various missions within the NEAR Protocol ecosystem unlocks these multipliers.
  • Referral System: Inviting friends through the two-level referral system is an effective way to augment your HOT mining. You receive additional HOT for claims made by your referrals and their subsequent invites.

Claiming Your Mined HOT

Once you’ve mined HOT, claiming it on the blockchain involves a minimal network fee, thanks to the efficiency of the NEAR Protocol. Initially, Herewallet covers the gas for your first three transactions, after which you have three options to claim HOT: topping up NEAR, covering the gas fee in HOT, or completing missions to earn free transactions.


Mining HOT coin in Herewallet on the NEAR Protocol represents a cutting-edge approach to cryptocurrency mining. By leveraging the unique features of the NEAR ecosystem and the intuitive design of Herewallet, users can engage in mining with minimal barriers to entry. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or new to the digital currency world, the process of mining HOT offers an exciting opportunity to participate in the growth of the NEAR ecosystem. With advancements like Chain Abstraction on the horizon, the potential for HOT and its users is boundless. Engage with the NEAR Protocol today and start your journey in mining HOT, the future of cryptocurrency transactions.

Remember, the key to successful mining lies in managing your Storage, enhancing your mining speed through upgrades and referrals, and efficiently claiming your mined HOT. Embrace the future of cryptocurrency mining with HOT coin in Herewallet, and join a community of forward-thinking users shaping the next generation of digital currency transactions.

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