Promising NFT projects

New and promising NFT projects for October 2021  – still on the early stage, still easy to get whitelisted for minting. Join these Discord servers:

Pawnshop Gnomies are 5,555 unique, smart, algorithmically generated creatures stored with a proof of ownership on the Solana blockchain. They live deep under the mountains and have secured vaults with NFTs and money. Pawnshop Gnomie ownership opens access to the DAO-managed Community, aimed to generate profit and benefit itself through running the NFT Pawnshop and other useful tools for the Solana Ecosystem.
Join here:

Check out Magic Mushroom Mafia! ?
This NFT was revealed on Oct 4th and the community is already growing quick. The project includes a community wallet, weekly member royalty lotteries, NFT giveaways, contests, and more! If you’re looking for some new NFT projects, definitely check this one out! Whitelist qualification for the project is ending soon! NFT giveaways and contests are also live right now on their Twitter and Discord!
Join the Discord:

Artagon X: the future of NFTs.
We’re all used to seeing ‘art’ NFTs that are made up of cartoon characters and pop culture references. Artagon’s are unique digital artworks created by the most talented graphic artists in the world ? There are no starving artists on the Artagon X platform as we aim to be the most productive NFT project in the Solana ecosystem.
Join Discord here:

Adorable Teacup Pigs collection.
A collection of 9,999 adorable teacup pigs was created using hand-drawn traits and generated algorithmically. Our website will be up & running in a few days. Stay tuned for more details:

Friendly Whales NFT Club
Join the Friendly Whales NFT Club for a glass of scotch in the Blue Boot Saloon – a Japanese rockabilly whiskey bar under the sea. Get the drop on 10,000 unique NFTs curated for maximum visual distinction, scarcity, and trading in mind.
Revenue sharing on secondary sales
Massive giveaways for early supporters
A growing community focused on good things Join the Friendly Whales NFT Club of be part of an amazing community and gain early access to the drop:

Mogugu, a world of mushroom NFTs each randomly grown with unique traits that define them into separate categories and classes. Our 10,000 mushroom NFT lives on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Join Discord here:


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