Nostradamus “Year Of Twins” 2020 Prophecy

Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus was a prophet who lived in 16th century. In his predictions published in the book Les propheties he published many important, strange and terrifying predictions, also for 2020.

Is the Nostradamus prophecy for 2020 Coronavirus TRUE or FAKE?

As the Covid-19 spreads all around the world, the question comes: is this prediction of Nostradamus real?

The words of this prophecy are as follows:

And in the year of twins

A queen will arise from the East

That will spread its plague

Of the beings of the night

To the land of seven hills

Transforming into powder

Twiling men

To culminate in the shadow of ruin

How to understand this prediction? Is it real or fake? It might be understood like this:

“year of twins” – 2020,

“a queen from the East” – Coronavirus (Covid-19), “corona” means “crown”, East land is China in this case,

“land of seven hills” – Rome and whole Italy, Rome is the city of seven hills.

This prediction sounds very terrifying but everything seems that fortunately it is FAKE.

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