Bitcoin Dice Game

Royal Bitcoin is a simple game of chance. Each time you send a bet to one of the game’s betting addresses, a random number is selected ranging from 0 to 16,777,215. If the number selected is greater than the threshold number required for the game you’re betting on, you win. Games with a lower probability of winning require a higher number to win, but they also pay out a larger multiple of your bet amount.

1. Choose your odds

2. Send your bet to the selected address:

  • 25% win odds3.839x payout – 1MzmuPCH6VTD297pGjVDXRrsdFSHb6oVjM
  • 45% win odds2.133x payout – 17XG5jHiQsw9BGNsKs27TsWYyAkw7BgY59
  • 50% win odds1.92x payout – 15Ro6Yvjv13NWkopf4ziUp5MPyD7T36YUf
  • 55% win odds1.746x payout – 1NLjpKqaWy1nAXLU3ybq32iQQ8y6uK5wei
  • 75% win odds1.28x payout – 17HmDRwn1mCd7Fa4TgYkPxK8FWHXZprSHu
  • 95% win odds1.011x payout – 13CVfHRMfZGeca3cfQ311uE5gQgM89MGbW

3. Receive an immediate payout!

Every bet is paid out in an immediate response transaction back to your originating address. To determine the originating address, we use the first input address that contributed coins to your bet transaction. This allows for quick payouts with zero confirmations required, but you must be using a wallet app that sends coins from an address you control. Some web based wallets might not be compatible, so place the minimum bet on your first try to make sure your wallet is compatible.

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