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Get free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on your smartphone

Get free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on your smartphone

How to receive free Bitcoin Cash? Install this application on your smartphone and start receiving hourly and daily prizes in BCH. When your account balance is over 10,000 satoshi you will get a payout from Free BCH Games. Install on your smartphone Easy to use – hourly, daily and weekly prizes. Watch short video advertisements […]

1000 Sofia Center, Sofia

A Bitcoin exchange in Sofia

This Bitcoin exchange is located on 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria. As for beginning of April 2019, one Bitcoin is exchanged to approx. 8360 Bulgarian Lev. I wonder if they allow to buy or sell bitcoins anonymously, without any ID verification. Perhaps a tourist in Bulgaria can check it.

Bitcoin ATM in Cape Town

Bitcoin ATM in Cape Town

This is a first Bitcoin ATM in Cape Town, South Africa. The ATM is in Cape Town, 38 Wale Street, first floor. No identification is needed. They sharing the entrance with Gold ‘n Stones Trading and that entrance it’s very secure and classy, only people announced can reach that floor. They have also private parking in […]

Blockchain Tesla

Blockchain Tesla in Bay Area

This beautiful black Tesla was found driving around the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. In fact, the Tesla base model 3 costs like 9 BTC right now (March 2019). This eco-friendly car promotes bitcoin and blockchain. Not paying for gas. No oil change. Drives itself? 0-60 2.4 sec. That’s the ultimate luxury.