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The ‘bit’ Unit of Bitcoin Explained

Bitcoin can be divided into smaller amounts as follows: 1 BTC = 100,000,000 satoshis 1 BTC = 1,000,000 bits 1 bit = 100 satoshis And in the future… 1 bit = 1$, right? Bits fit into all existing financial software with two decimal points of precision such as EVERY other form of money. Easy to […]

Bitcoin Could Reach $40,000 USD Very Soon

Bitcoin price prediction – up to $40,000 per 1 BTC may be real very soon. The Dragon report mentions their model was predicting new money since 2005. When Bitcoin came along in 2009 they said it fit their model. If that is the case, then they would have immediately recognized the importance and mined/bought a […]

How Far The US Dollar Has Fallen Compared to Bitcoin

This interesting graph shows how far the US Dollar has fallen compared to Bitcoin since the beginning. Bitcoin was started on 3rd January 2009. As for the beginning of 2017 it looks like this: The value of bitcoin will be higher year by year. It is still a chance to buy quite CHEAP bitcoins in […]

Bitcoin is backed by energy

Many people ask¬†“what backs bitcoin?” and it confused me. Some people still think our fiat currency is still backed by gold or silver. Rather it is backed by trust in¬†government. In any case, the main argument here is that although there are a limited number of bitcoins, there can be an infinite number of identical […]