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One bitcoin is worth over $700 – how do I get bitcoins?

The bitcoin became financially unattainable for many people. How are they supposed to even get on board with bitcoin when they can’t even afford 1 bitcoin?

Are there any other online currencies worth investing in before they inflate?

They would mine for bitcoin, but they don’t have a fast enough internet speed, and a strong enough computer.

Best answers:

  • Who said you had to buy a whole one? I could by 0.03 for under $23 USD right now.
  • Think of bitcoin like Gold..  you don’t have to buy 1 kilogram of gold, there are smaller weights you can buy.. you can buy ounces, grams etc.
  • Remember that 1 Bitcoin = 1,000,000 bits
  • .01 bitcoin is $7.25 USD. So it’s not about how expensive it is. That’s like saying “money is expensive”. Alts provide no advantages in this regard. The main question is will it be worth more in the future. No one can answer that for you, you have to figure out your own outlook, your own tolerance for risk etc. and act accordingly.
  • You might be able to afford “1 milli bitcoin” (1 mbtc) which is only $0.72588. Can you afford that?
  • Bitcoin do not have to be bought as whole integers, you can buy parts of a Bitcoin. For example you can get .01 Bitcoin for under $8
  • By buying 1 bitcoin you are buying 100 million satoshis (the sub unit of a bitcoin). You can buy fewer satoshis if you want. For example, you could buy $100 worth of bitcoin, which will get you ~13.8 million satoshis, also known as 0.138 bitcoins.

And the best motivational bitcoin quote: Buy a few dollars every week and hold, in 10 years you’ll afford a nice car with a few millibits.