Bitcoin lottery results for Week 23 2012

Here are our first draw results: total number of paricipants: 38 and the winner is:     1242gpQbcSHKPzUqA7xYQfjXXnaazuSnPs drawing protocol is available here:×2813 transaction ID for the winner: 128f24273ea64631d01a7f79bb846918836bdad59eec265b421da0c79836b88e Prize for next week is 0.2 BTC, feel free to join our lottery again!

Free Bitcoin Giveaway – Week 23

Welcome to our website. Here you can win free bitcoins directly to your digital wallet. Our first test drawing is for current week. Week 23 is from Monday June 4, 2012 until (and including) Sunday June 10, 2012. Week 23 Bitcoin Lottery How to participate in our lottery? It’s very simple: just enter your bitcoin […]